Who we are

Being a passionate gamer from Vancouver BC, ToxicIsPoison envisioned a space where gamers could connect and discuss not only gaming but also their favorite GFuel flavors. Thus, our vibrant gaming community was born, creating an inclusive platform for everyone to share reviews, strategies, and more.

Why we started

GameHive started as ToxicIsPoison's venture on Ko-fi, where GFuel samples were sold to power up gamers. However, limitations inspired us to build our own shop, providing greater freedom in offerings and services.

Why GameHive

We took our GFuel review videos, once scattered across different platforms, and made them easily accessible under the Reviews section of our website. Now, you can explore our comprehensive collection of GFuel reviews in one place!

Join ToxicIsPoison and the GameHive community in our pursuit of gaming excellence and the perfect GFuel blend. Together, we'll explore the virtual realms and fuel our gaming journeys like never before.